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Teddy Knudsen, Bent Bulldog, Double Eagle

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A  Bowl Height  52 mm               2.05 inch
B  Length 153 mm               6.02 inch
C  Chamber Diameter                     21 mm               0.83 inch
D  Chamber Depth 41.5 mm               1.63 inch
E  Bowl Width 36 mm               1.42 inch
Weight 41 gr               1.45 oz
Stem Material Acrylic
Push & Pull System Teflon – Delrin
Filter Nonfilter
Application .925 Sterling Silver

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Like most other pipes a pipe from Teddy Knudsen starts with the briar root from Italy. One of the many differences, between Teddy and other pipe makers, is that he actually travels to Italy to find the blocks of briar he wants. This means he spends days or a week by the different briar cutters and sorts out the blocks for himself out of thousands of blocks. One by one his trained and experienced eyes and hands inspect a block. What shape will fit this block or what shape comes out of this block? So when you watch a superb looking pipe from the hands of Teddy its not by luck. It’s the result of many years of experience, love for the briar and craftsmanship. With an annual production around 20-30 pipes its a rare sight to see a Teddy pipe so please enjoy! His work inspired his wife Mette to write a small book about the briar which you will get if/when you buy a pipe from Teddy.

This an outstanding bent bulldog with superb flawless grain and a magnificent handmade ebonite stem. The curves, lines and end result is master class hence the two Eagle grading. The pipe naturally passed the pipe cleaner test.

Weight 000.86 kg
A Bowl Height

64 mm 2.52 inch