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UMAYKAN LLC. A newly established company based in New Jersey that aims to create the best online product placement platform dedicated to small businesses which create high-quality handmade tobacco pipes made of briarwood & meerschaum stone, handmade household items, 3D Printed Products and many more high-quality products.

Our passion and the need for high-quality goods and sustainable future are two of the main principles that fuelled us to start UMAYKAN. On 14th November 2019, we have established the legal foundation of the business. Since then, we’re working tirelessly to create strong bonds between entrepreneurs and quality services for our customers.


Goals & Mission

The infinite willingness of learning and improvement stands strong as being the main pillar for our mission of achieving success in the industry. UMAYKAN is driven by a continuous desire and dedication towards quality.

The opportunity for such an online marketplace has never before been met. Therefore, our main goal is to fill a great gap in today’s modern world – the lack of a reliable source of high quality product distributer.

A community-driven marketplace is a common goal. UMAYKAN aspires to unite the creative entrepreneurs, leaders and craftsmen around the world into one single online platform which will provide immense benefits for customers.

Complexity defines UMAYKAN. We strive in taking care of all the needs of both our customers and manufacturers/small businesses that choose to sell through our platform:

  1. Platform – a professional, user-friendly and descriptive website that will allow both customers and manufacturers to have a seamless experience while navigating it. We believe in the power of simplicity and elegancy as being two of the main characteristics of our business.
  2. Marketing – Maintaining a close and professional relationship with all parties involved is our top priority. This is why we will coordinate all the marketing campaigns to benefit the product, the merchandiser and the end customer.

UMAYKAN brings a reliable solution to a modern problem. Entering a global market can be a very difficult process for small businesses – it involves a strong marketing knowledge base, a clear and structured business plan and a constant and continuous supply chain.

We’re working to unify all these small, yet promising, businesses into an online community that offers them a great way to start trading their products internationally. Our top priority is emphasising the uniqueness of each product and helping merchants grow their businesses all over the world.


Current Selling Channels

We take pride into developing a great online platform for our customers and collaborators. Therefore, our website will be the first place where you will be able to purchase products from.

Our website was created with one thing in mind: a suggestive online platform that emphasises accurately the high quality of the products.


Customer Care

The main reason our company exists for is to create a reliable platform for customers. Therefore, customer care is our number one priority. We believe in fair market practices, hence in creating the best experience from the first step of searching the best item for you until you have it delivered at your door.

Here at UMAYKAN, we understand the frustration and maybe even the distrust you may have when ordering a product via online websites. There are many problems that can arise along the way.

This is the main reason for which we want to take care of every single product that crosses our path – to make sure you receive it fast and safe.


Collaborators / Merchants

The main part in the development of UMAYKAN is played by our collaborators and merchants that chose our platform as an online placement for their high quality products.

Therefore, we are putting them on a high place on our priority ladder. Without a strong, professional and trustworthy relationship between our market and the manufacturers or small businesses, a long-term commitment to such mission would be close to impossible.

UMAYKAN pays very close attention to the products placed on the website. We believe in high quality – from the services we provide, up until the product itself.



Embracing a very different attempt in the ever changing industry, We have one thing on the top of our mind: quality. Quality of the products, Quality of the Services and most noteworthy, quality of the community.

UMAYKAN continues to work towards a better future by innovating the industry and improving the standards. Our future projects a meant to create possibilities for both small business and customers around the world. We believe in close partnerships, establishing a customer base and providing high quality products and services.

Our Motto is, and will always be, “You are the one who deserves”. What does that mean? Deserves is an impactful word that we love. You, as our customers, deserve great services and high quality goods, while you, as a merchant, deserve a reliable marketplace that takes good care of your work.

UMAYKAN seeks to create opportunities and aims to motivate people all around the world into adopting the same initiative. Improving and innovating with quality at heart.


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